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  1. Catch You

From the recording From The Well

Performed and written by Rebekah Hawker
Engineered and Mixed by Will Crann


You say you’re thinking of moving
well I’m thinking of moving too
you’re an inch short of a fair warning
and I know the market’s never been this good

there’s a clear break for healing
it’s a blue sky for a ceiling
if I could catch the rays
teach the sun how to behave

maybe I could catch you

You say you’re thinking of quitting
well I’m thinking of quitting too
it’s some hard times for a girl waiting
and I’m growing older lyin’ next to you

I’m a free bird in motion
you’re a prayin’ man with no devotion
If I could rewrite the word
show your god I know my worth

Maybe I could catch you

Think of me sweetly
I’m countin’ all my dreams
about you

I’ll write one more song
though they all turn out so wrong
they’re about you

‘cuz I reaped all the benefits of loving
mastered my defence to hide all my blushing
caught up in the lies we always kept on telling
like anything was ever gonna happen
I only know your body as a weapon
I taking no time to try and rip me open
how to know?
there’s no hope

that I could catch you