For the past five years, Rebekah Hawker has been giving Toronto audiences the acknowledgement they never knew they needed; singing their pain into a crowded room. From the first sung note, her voice like quick water over river stones, follows winding paths and interval leaps, leading listeners to an emotional oasis. True to her folk roots, she is dressed in a flowing skirt, gold nose ring and black boots, looking like the big sister who was never too cool to sing you to sleep. Raised in a full house of ten children in Barrie, Ontario, Rebekah is acute in identifying those growing pains we never quite grow out of, and all the ways they make us worthy of being loved. A woman who knows that where a guitar can be picked up, and a feeling shared, it should be. When Rebekah Hawker speaks your grievances into the night, she transforms them into a tune that, for the first time ever, you don’t mind carrying home with you.

Rebekah’s accolades in songwriting and vocals include winning the Summerfolk Youth Discoveries and Seneca’s Got Talent competitions, placing second in the Barrie Folk Society’s Youth Songwriters Showcase in the same year, and third place in 2013. She completed Seneca College’s Independent Music Production program in 2014. Rebekah Hawker has collected professional accomplishments over the years like rainwater in a wineglass, a simple testament to her capacity to transform the grievances of her peers, her audience, and herself, into something that satisfies our thirst for honest representations of life beyond artifice. In February 2019, Rebekah will journey from Toronto to Vancouver with the Via Rail Artist on Board Program, her coastal resting-place to makeweight for her first solo EP in the folk genre: Careful Women.


dynamic song structures, - twisting vocal melodies - a frenzy of soaring vocals”

Jeremy Ramos-Foley, Ride the Tempo

i really like ur hungergames song u should make more ”

anonymous youtube user


Summerfolk Youth Discoveries Competition winner, 2014 

Seneca’s Got Talent 1st Place, 2014

Barrie Folk Society’s Youth Songwriters Showcase, 2nd Place, 2014

Barrie Folk Society’s Youth Songwriters Showcase, 3rd Place, 2013

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