Words from a Careful Woman

Delayed Arrival: My Time on the Via Rail 

In February I embarked on the wildest adventure that music has lead me to thus far; a cross-country train trip from Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada's rails are historic and I was fortunate enough to travel them thanks to Via Rail's Artist on Board Program, an opportunity that allowed me to perform on the train in exchange for room and board. Enjoy the following footage, collected onboard and on foot after my arrival as I explored the beautiful British Columbia.

My good friend and fellow musician Sarah Hiltz was initially the person who tipped me off to the whole idea of the train and was an incredible guiding hand through the whole process of applying and preparing for my trip (peek her amazing tunes here). She herself has travelled many times on the train as a performer and was able to forewarn me about their infamous delays. My initial train from Toronto to Vancouver was about 36 hours late getting into our destination. I certainly wasn't complaining about the extra time onboard, mostly because the meals were delicious and the crew members were so friendly. Every extra minute was savoured. 

The trip was incredible, spanning 3 weeks, including two seperate train trips (roughly 5 days each) with a trip to Tofino, Victoria and Vancouver, BC sandwiched somewhere in between. I was so fortunate to spend five days in Tofino with my brother Kevin who lives there full-time. My brother Matt also happened to be returning from living abroad so along with our old family friend, we spent the time together learning to surf and exploring the wonderful trails in the surrounding area. We were blessed with much sunshine and little rain which I'm told is quite out of character for Tofino at that time of year. I surfed for the first time ever (!!!) and also went into the pacific ocean for the first time (!!!!). I was atrocious, and did not stand up once for the three times we went out on the water, but would do it again in a heartbeat, even just to be able to paddle past the break to watch the waves roll quietly in to the shore. 

While this trip was incredible, and I felt so fortunate to be provided this opportunity by VIA, I must say that the historic rails of Canada have a complicated past (much like the rest of Canada) that cannot go unacknowledged in this newsletter. There were many moments on the train I was reminded of the pain and terror that went into building the rails. An estimated 15,000 chinese workers built the rails in the harshest of conditions. Historians estimate 600 were killed in the process, though many memorials cite 4,000 people or higher as a more accurate number. The railway is a valuable part of Canada's history and we can appreciate it's beauty while still acknowledging and respecting the truth in its creation. These things are not mutually exclusive. You can read more about the history behind the
Canadian Pacific Railway here.

Betty Chaba - Let Go 

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I've been wanting to cover this song ever since it was shared with me so I was glad to have some time today to finally sit down with it. 

The sun was especially nice coming through my window and I'm finally past a cold that has been plaguing me the past few weeks, so here is my take on an old Betty Chaba song (suggested to me by good pal Bre Mcdaniels (a wonderful singer-songwriter whose music you can explore here). 

Bre's mom sang under the artist name of Betty Chaba in the 70s, you can see her performing the song after the jump. 

Enjoy this beautiful but slightly melancholy song about lovers letting go. 



If the wheels don’t go, put your feet on the ground 

if it’s too heavy a load, you better put something down

if my lovin doesn’t fill you, better put down the bowl

If it’s already too late, if our love’s become a dead weight 

let go 

Maybe we did it all wrong 

maybe we promised too soon 

maybe I’ve loved you so long, it’s all I know how to do 

but I can’t live on just memories, of when you loved me too 

why don’t you walk out the door 

there’s nothing here anymore

let go 


If the wheels don’t turn, walk down the road 

if the fire don’t burn, you better kindle the coal 

if my lovin doesn’t fill you, better put down the bowl 

If it’s already too late, if our love’s become a dead weight

let go 

If it’s already too late, if our love’s become a dead weight 

let go